“I can not stress to everyone enough that Cody is the best trainer in the region. He is kind, understanding and knows his stuff. I have 3 mates who didn’t listen to me and decided to go the “cheaper option” and all 3 failed R-E which costed them more in the long run. 1 of them has given up on riding. Don’t be these guys. Thanks to Cody I passed both my R-E and R class first go. Want to ride? Call Cody. You wont be disappointed.”
 Desi Miller 10/06/17
“Cody is the best teacher ever. After only 10 hours he showed me how to use the bike safely and pass my test. I highly recommend him for people who don’t know much about riding but they want to learn quickly how to ride and more important stay safe on the road.”
Jan wojda 08/12/16
“Great instructor. Very reasonably priced too. Cody is calm, patient and understanding of learner strengths and weaknesses and excellent in identifying these. He is very pedantic on small mistakes to focus you on being a better rider and passing first time.

I learned my R-E and R class and I passed first time on both having never ridden before. Would highly recommend him to anyone keen on considering a new challenge and obtaining their bike licence.”

Warren 8/22/17

“Awesome training sessions, made passing the test a easy no stress environment.”

David Potter 11/11/2016

“Could not have passed the test without him!!! Completed the R-E test and will definitely be back to do my full license with him! Thanks mate!”

Jeremy Monaghan 8/11/2016

“The service offered by Cody was fantastic. He taught me how to pass the test, but his true priority was to teach me how to be safe on the roads. Would thoroughly recommend, and will be using his services in the future when I go for my full/unrestricted license.”

Harry T 29/10/2016

“A great experience, Cody is very professional and the training provided was excellent.” 

Byron Foster 14/10/16

“I got in contact with Cody when I was upgrading my R-E Class license to the the R Class. He was able to quickly book in a lesson the day before my scheduled test and a few more lessons on the day of the test to brush up on my riding skills. I would recommend Cody because he will go through everything you need to do to pass the test, and he will persist until you get it right. However, most importantly he will show you how to ride safe. He also has a lightweight Honda with a great turning circle which makes taking the R class test that much easier. All the best Cody.”

Louis Ritson 9/10/16

“Took my PDA assessment after 7 or so lessons from never riding a road bike to passing first go thanks to cody. awesome instructor and shows you all the rights and wrongs with how to ride and placement on the road. highly recommended if you want to learn and get your bike licence!!.”

Liam Darcy 30/10/16

“Cheers Cody! Really appreciated your help in passing both my R-E and R class licences. Clear instructions were given throughout the lessons and we practiced manoeuvres until everything was right. Passed both tests easily, all thanks to your help. An awesome instructor who is passionate about what he does. Highly recommend Cody as a trainer and will be booking a bike to hire through him ASAP!”

Brain Lynn 30/9/16

“Cody trained me for both my RE and R class. His bikes are easy to learn on and his expert knowledge will not only help you pass your test but most importantly keep you safe and upright!”

Jamie Pierce 1/9/16

“Thanks to Cody I passed the PDA for R-E class at the first attempt. Not only that, but he taught to stay on the save side of the line and I can see that not all the guys are aware of that. I will definitely recommend him to anyone who wants to learn to ride safe.”

Bogdan Arama 30/8/16

“As a complete novice, I took about 10 or so lessons to be fully prepared for my practical assessment. Thanks to Cody’s teaching style, each lesson was both practical and informative, this gave me the confidence to take on my assessment knowing I had the knowledge and skills to pass, which I did, first attempt.

Highly recommended!!”
Chas Capewell

“I highly recommend using CR Motor cycles. My personal experience was truly exceptional. I had previously struggled with other companies here in Perth However, I found Cody from CR motorcycles to be so very professional and patient with me throughout every lesson.
I was given as much time as I needed to gain my confidence and I believe he gave me all of his focus and attention without fail.
Most importantly I was guided on safety while riding, each lesson factored in staying safe on our roads which I feel is so important today. Honestly if you’re looking for the best, I urge you to call.
Due to his guidance, I have passed my final exam first attempt and I cannot be more appreciative of his time and effort.”
Tanya Welsh

“Cody was an outstanding riding instructor who took me from being an inexperienced and nervous rider, to being confident at freeway speeds as well as various weather conditions.

Cody was patient, friendly and thorough in his approach. This allowed me to be both relaxed while learning, whilst also having a clear understanding of what I needed to improve.

Cody is a great guy and I would recommend him to riders of all levels for effective, competitively priced and most of all, fun lessons!”

“Thanks to Cody’s professional approach to our motorbike lessons and his priority to teaching excellent safety awareness on the roads, my husband and I where able to ride on a 5 day tour through Vietnam with confidence.”
Sandy and Neil

“I was a complete novice when I started lessons with Cody, had never ridden a bike. I soon realised his level of knowledge and experience would really benefit me. After only 5 lessons I managed to pass my practical assessment on the first try. Cody teaches you the practical side, but also relays the defensive driving aspect, with much emphasis on safety and awareness.”

“I went to CR Motorcycle training and Cody provided awesome training. He identified all of my bad habits and with his [full-testimonialsknowledge passed onto me I passed my test on my first go. Would recommend Cody to any other people wanting to get their licence.”
Steve Clark

“I can thoroughly recommend CR Motorcycle Training for anyone wishing to learn how to ride. As well as teaching everything needed to pass my riding test, Cody also showed me how to ride safely on the roads. On top of that, Cody’s also a good bloke!”
Ben Watson

“I had approximately 10 lessons with Cody before taking my Motorcycle test. Cody instills the safety aspects and road craft of ridding like no other instructor. Now I have my license I feel confident on the road with his teachings. The service provided is extremely professional and was tailored to my needs as a new starter to bikes. Cody is an excellent instructor and throughly good bloke, The training combined with his Canadian wit make for a fun lesson which goes by all too quick. I am recommending him to all my friends.”

“You can tell that Cody is passionate about his training. He not only teaches you the usual manoeuvres and techniques required to pass your practical test, but he adds his years of experience to the training, giving practical advice on what to do under differing circumstances. The emphasis on safety can be overwhelming, but after a few lessons you get to appreciate why that is. Being a large guy, I am looking forward to getting a bike bigger than 250cc in a year or so, and will definitely be seeking Cody’s help to polish my skills for my R class license. Finally, Cody is so patient and understanding that I have no doubt he could teach even the most nervous rider.”

“I have never been on a motorbike before in my life until i contacted Cody. He was extremely professional and very patient with me even though I burned his clutch a little, he gave me all the right advice and with a few lessons I did my test and passed first time. I will continue to use Cody for more lessons and further advice and when I go for a bigger motorbike license I will do my training with Cody again. I would not hesitate in recommending Cody as an instructor for anyone.
Thanks again Cody.”
Benn Street

“Before obtaining my learners, I had no experience on a motorbike and once obtaining my learners I was looking for someone local to learn with.
Cody was very obliging and more than willing to help and booked me in for my lessons.
At all times I felt safe and confident whilst out riding and learning with Cody, and each lesson was a learning experience. The headsets were fantastic as this gave me a sense of assistance and at all times Cody would coach me through the lesson and point out potential hazards as well as appropriate road position and ongoing riding advice and towards the end, a source of knowledge to help me pass my test. Which I did in the first try.
I would certainly recommend Cody to anyone who is learning to ride a motorbike and I will be coming back once I am ready to obtain my open licence as well. ”

“Cody was extremely patient, and conducted the lessons rain, hail or shine. I was taught how to safely do all of the elements involved in passing the practical test, as well as how to stay safe on the roads and spot hazards. Passed first go after 9 weeks of lessons, and the test was definitely made easier by having a professional instructor teach me how to do all manoeuvres in difficult locations and conditions once I was ready, as well as lessons at the location of my test. Will definitely be going back when I’m ready for my unrestricted licence.”
Mark Boehm

“I had no bike experience before you took me out. At all times I felt safe and after each lesson I knew I had learnt something. Towards the end of my lesson periods when we just went out riding, I felt like I was out riding with a friend, you made me feel that comfortable. I wish your business all the best, and when it comes time to go for my R, it’s you I will be looking up.”

“Cody’s approach to the lessons was very professional, his advice succinct and honest at all times. Cody provided professional and honest advice and assisted in identifying and rectifying the bad habits I had gathered in the past 38 years. I would not hesitate to recommend Cody and CR Motorcycle Training to anybody looking for instruction in motorcycle riding.”

“Cody at CR Motorcycle Training is a patient, friendly and professional instructor. It is thanks to Cody’s instruction that I have passed my riding test – at no time did I feel unsafe during his instruction and have no hesitation in recommending CR Motorcycle Training if you intend doing lessons.”

“Cody Russell of CR Motorcycle Training was my instructor in July. During my lessons I found Cody to be very informative, paying great attention to all of the skills required to pass my riding test competently.
Through out my four lessons the skills we practised are as follows:

  • O turns
  • Head checks
  • Emergency stopping
  • Reading the traffic
  • Clutch control

Due to Cody Russell’s professional attitude and extensive knowledge I passed my test the first time. Not only would I strongly recommend Cody to others but I will be using his training for my big bike license.”
Joshua Lindsay

“Cody is a patient and friendly instructor. He provided a lot of support and feedback during lessons using a bluetooth headset which I found very helpful. I had 5 paid lessons before my test and passed on my first go. The lessons are competitively priced and buying the courses / blocks of lessons works out a lot cheaper.”
Glenn Parham

“CR motorcycle training was a great experience for me. It was my first time ever riding a motorbike, and Cody made me feel safe and confident in doing so. I really enjoyed learning how to ride with Cody because he was very patient and understanding.”
Ciara McCann